Anecdote of Jimi Solanke

Anecdote of Jimi Solanke

Once upon a time, when I was still a very young boy. There were lots of performers in my hometown and even in Lagos where we lived, Olowogbowo Area. Talking drummers, praise singers,small groups of acrobatics and other performing artists.

They come to your doorstep and start their presentation. You like it or not,you will end up giving them money. They will thank you and head for the next house. As children in those days,we used to enjoy what they were offering.

Years after, when l started showing my talent and became interested in becoming a singer, my father started comparing me to those strolling performers and asked if all l wanted to become was an Alagbe?

Till date, l am an Alagbe that does not praise sing anybody’s name. I have been jinxed by what my Dad of blessed memory thought his son was going to be. In those days, musicians were related to as nobody.




We were termed omo ita, asunta ,the one that does not come home to sleep. And because of their understanding of local bards and griots, that are always begging for money, we are Alagbe.

The reason why I select lyrics for my songs. But wait a second! We are no more Alagbes!! The industry has metamorphosed into a million dollar project. I wish you all the best of luck. End of story.

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