Buhari lacks Information about Nigeria’s problems – Northern Elders Forum

Buhari lacks Information about Nigeria’s problems – Northern Elders Forum

Buhari lacks access to Information on Nigeria’s problems – Northern Elders Forum

The Northern Elders Forum on Friday said President Muhammad Buhari lacks access to information about the actual state of the country, following various challenges facing Nigerians

Spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed disclosed this when featuring on Channels TV.

Baba-Ahmed alongside the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu.

He also chastised the Presidency for labeling critics of the Buhari regime as enemies and accusing them of trying to bring down the government.

Baba-Ahmed said Nigerians want to live in a safe and secure country and the President must protect the lives and properties of the citizens, adding that Buhari must listen to the grievances of secessionists.


Baba Ahmed continued “We will like to see less talk ,more action. We will like to see the President literarily come forward and speak to the nation ,not just putting people like shehu Garba to speak.

He is our President, we elected him. He can not stay in the Villa and send spokespersons to speak all the time. He needs to address the country because something is wrong. We are not safe, we are not secured ,we are worried and desperate. He should talk to us.

I think the President needs to expand his access to information. Listening to Malam Garba in last 45 mins ,I am absolutely convinced that the President has no access to information about the actual state of the country.
I am even more scared now than I was before this programme.

All we hear all the time is that “Mr President has given instructions for this and that.” Who is monitoring all these instructions ?

Who is monitoring the effectiveness of all the orders of the President ? Why are they not being followed ? What is wrong ? Is the problem bigger than the president, so he should do something about the order he gives and punish people who failed to carry out the orders, let’s see evidence on the ground.

We can not continue to have bandits running around this country, taking more and more space and our lives are being Squeezed between ineffective government and criminals who think the government is too weak to fight them. Mr President should address the country properly.

Reacting, Garba Shehu however described Baba-Ahmed’s claims as untrue.

He said “ This President is not a snowman for TV and the latitude of information and intelligence that is available to the President is not available to any other Nigerian. Therefore don’t underestimate the kind of information and data available to the President.

The President at every point in time has choices to make,he makes his own choices. ”

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