By-election: Leave Expensive’s Wife alone to take care of her children

By-election: Leave Expensive’s Wife alone to take care of her children

By Our Reporter

Reactions have continued to trail reports that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Ondo state is considering picking Taye Omolafe, the wife of the late Adedayo Omolafe ,to replace her husband at the House of Representatives.

Though INEC has not picked a date for the bye election, permutations have been on within political parties on who to pick in replacement of late Omolafe.

All social media platforms have been awash with comments and reaction over reports that the party may consider the widow.

Excerpts of comments and reactions on Facebook as captured by ROVING REPORTERS :

Ajayi Augustine

This woman should be allowed to take proper care of her children and property left behind by her husband. The kind of love shown to her late husband may not been shown to her because their characters can’t be the same.

Wande Ajayi

Yes, but the issue is that the husband used all he had to cater for his people and died leaving debts for his family. If he is as loved by his people as they claim, they should support the wife to complete her husband’s tenure so that she can settle the debts and have enough to move the family forward. By 2023, someone else will takeover.

Ogbeni Alex

Still Wondering why Nigeria politician think that position is a family inheritance. Why didn’t yaradua wife continue his husband tenure? This is state matter and not a family affair.

Adekunle Akinbodewa

Let’s hope your appeal will work among this greedy vampire politicians in Ondo State and Akure in particular.

Oluwalade Folorunso

This is not a family chieftaincy, this is pure politics, who is bringing this woman as a compensation? No, is not like that. Pls madam go and take good care of ur children and the property of late husband, may God help u. Akure let focus on the future of our children,. Ire ooo, Akure agbe aoo.

Adeola Bright

I got to know from a very good source that she (expensive wife) often insult her late husband loyalist (boys) which I know will definitely work against her. She might be good and supportive to her late husband but I think she’s not the kind of individual who can pull crowd.

Gbenga Akinola

Is better you don’t go to an election just for exercise sake, party calculations has to be on winning formula, what do you think it will interest people to come out to vote,it is wen party pick a popular candidate that can garvernize vote not a candidate that just wanted to attempt, the situation of the country now will not permit political party to fix a candidate that doesn’t have peculiarity that ll make people to rally round him or her. We have two factors that can win election at the both constituency. Is either Expensive factor or Eyitayo Jegede factor, bring anyone from these lineage ,PDP ll win.

Turner Olafusi

The game should be played according to it rules, how many of our elected politicians that died in this manner have their wives be allowed to take over from their late husbands. It was tried in lagos  state when Funsho Williams died with no positive result, if expensive is owning any debt its better that people raised money and defray his debt instead of dragging the widow in political mood water. The most important thing for now is how the woman will take care of her children.

Adai Raymond

Lo & behold! The PDP within themselves should find a worthy position to place her in the next political dispensation. Bringing her into the lapses where her late husband had left would be too shook for her to perform.

I learnt she lacks manner, anyway that’s her personal recommendation sha.

Oyewumi Adebayo

I support with 100 percent. Let others aspirants step down for her. To compensate late Hon. Late Omolafe Adedayo Isaac Expensive.

Ekundayo Julius

Very good, this is only what Akure can do to reciprocate all what Expensive has done and to reduce their pain, behind a successful Man.

Revd Philips

I base in ibadan and am not pdp follower but this man hmmm i love him die.

Olawole Olajide

Please and please, Akure  people let the good work of her husband countnue.

Olutosin Arile

Sunshine State: Akure North/South Constituency Replacement
Though INEC hasn’t name a date which could had warranted political parties who would eventually jostle for the position start selling nomination form as it’s until then, we can say this or that is interested in the election, no doubt the two frontline political parties in the PDP & APC would be interested as I doubt any other political party can spring up.
Apparently these two parties are politically confused as I suspected delay tactics would be deployed, I feel strongly APC would want PDP pick her candidate before its choice of a flagbearer, no doubt PDP would like to see APC makes her decision before settling for s candidate, many names are mentioned in some quarters.

I have read some handful of anxious sympathizer suggests the PDP needed to play emotional game, they argued it’s with a feeling that kind gesture is rewarded that the party can defeat her counterpart in the APC, it’s even a political fact that the demise politician yet have many communities in this constituency he promised finance community projects.
This is very fundamental as I would like to urge the PDP to look means it can carry out some community works like grading of communities and building water culvert, I know streets within this community that would reward handsomely any political party that rose to today’s yearnings of people living in Akure metropolis, PDP stands a lofty chance benefiting immensely from this I assure you all.

Yes, I don’t think the idea behind a choice should bothers on private benefit, I know those championing the idea are merely in need of a political attention and it’s best they’re listened to, yes, with the look of things, PDP would be settling for a primary election, it then means anybody who would be voted for must purchase a form.

Yes, there are laws that guide political aspiration, one of it is to be a member of a political party which transcends to being committed as a financial member, one can even get a waiver if just decamping to a new party before having the legal teeth to aspire in a new party and political party waiver is mostly for those currently occupying a position the moment, without sounding like a broken record, there’s no way one aspiration rumoured in certain quarters can stand the scrutiny of the law, I even doubt such nomination can get a pass participating in the proposed election.

Yes, it’s best the two political parties followed strictly instrumentality of law as that is supposed to be the lesson learnt is the recently Alagbaka gubernatorial struggle, the parties are expected follow the laid down rules to its letter and until after the primary, I don’t think one can effectively predict who wins as I would urge the political parties bring forward their best legs, someone who has intellectual capacity to effectively represent the good people of the constituency.
I thank you for your time.

Otunba Olufemi Adekunle

Akure South/North don turn to Omolafe Constituency….Rubbish post….Why Yar Adua wife no beg to be President to continue her husband legacy. it’s a joke taking too far, there are many good guys in Akure land that PDP can use, let Expensive wife support anyone that’s win d primaries simple.

Abbey Oladele

my brother Im still don’t understand the reasons behind this substitution. PDP have many members that fill this position. This is not ideal , not even healthy for our democratic process. Meaning -PDP as an opposition party cannot even win the election without Expensive family. Too bad.

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