Criminals Masquerading as rich Nigerian Police

Criminals Masquerading as rich Nigerian Police


Except we want to deceive ourselves will we not agree that a very rich Nigerian police officer (who did not become rich by inheritance) is more often a thief or criminal masquerading as a law enforcement officer.

There is no way an honest officer in the Nigerian police can be wealthy and rich except through crime.

I doubt if there are more than 10% of the officers of the force that can swear by GOD at the expense of their life that they have not benefitted from nor orchestrated actions aimed at being rewarded from crime.

As a nation, we are yet to see that where we are now is far from where the problem started.

Any nation were there is no dignity in labour and assurance of a good life after service to motherland, will end up criminally administered for the benefit of evil.


Zadok Akintoye writes from Akure, Ondo State.

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