Don’t delay Passage of VAPP Bill – Stop VAWIP tells Ondo Assembly

Don’t delay Passage of VAPP Bill – Stop VAWIP tells Ondo Assembly


A non-partisan organization known as the Stop Violence against Women in Politics (Stop-VAWIP) campaign on Wednesday called on the Ondo state House of Assembly to as a matter of urgency expedite the passage of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) bill of Ondo State 2020 into law.

According to Stop-VAWIP, Ondo state is the only state that is yet to pass the bill into law in the southwest region of Nigeria,as 25 states have also passed the bill into law across the country.

Addressing journalists in Akure, Programme Manager,Stop-VAWIP in Ondo state, Mrs Oluwatobi Olaifa said quick passage of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill of Ondo State 2020 into law would reduce increasing cases of gender-based violence in the state.


From right side; Mrs Olaifa and Mr Austine Ogunleye

Mrs Olaifa said “The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill of Ondo State 2020 is a bill for a law to eliminate violence in private and public life, prohibit all forms of violence against persons, and provide for maximum and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders and other related matters in the State.The bill was first read on the floor of the Assembly on l7th December 2020.

Thereafter, an ad-hoc committee was set up under the leadership of Hon. Simeon Borokini to review the bill. The committee took steps to review the bill and organized a public hearing on March 8, 2021.

Considering, the impact of this bill on the people of the State by reducing the rising trend of gender-based violence in the public and private sphere, it is important to put all hands on deck to ensure the passage of the bill into law.

However, we want to call on the Ondo State House of Assembly to expedite action to pass the bill into law.

As we await the passage of the VAPP bill of Ondo State, we wish to reiterate here that the provision of this bill frowns against all forms of gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices, discrimination against persons, and it provides maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders; and other related matters.

Furthermore, the bill aims to protect citizens from all forms of violence and harmful practices that endanger the lives and properties of citizens. It also upholds the dignity and rights of men and women equally.

It is at this juncture that we urge every individual, NGO, CBOS, the legislature, judiciary, and the executive not to disperse or hinder the pursuit of justice and the advocacy for the fundamental rights of citizens or kick against measures that have the sole goal of protecting men and women from acts of violence and other harmful practices.

The VAPP bill which is a mirror of the VAPP Act at the National level defines evil as evil and evildoers as evildoers. It proscribes necessary punishment for violators or usurpers of human rights and the safety of all persons, without bias.

it is thus necessary for the good people of Ondo State to be their brother’s keeper by reporting all forms of violence through our Toll-free line 080-0000-7777. ”

Olaifa further said “We also wish to acknowledge the appointment of Princess Oladuni Odu as the Secretary to the Ondo State Government by Arakunrin Odunayo Akeredolu which is a step forward for women’s inclusion in governance.

However, we humbly call on the Ondo State government to take more affirmative action by appointing more women in his cabinet to at least one-third of the cabinet to be women with reputable leadership qualities.

The Stop-VAWIP Response Committee is committed to awareness-raising, advocating for behavioral change, sensitizing citizens on gender-based violence (GBV), tracking and responding to cases of GBV, and improving women’s political participation in the state. The Committee will also continue to encourage women’s participation in electoral and political processes.



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