Drama as Ondo govt officials harass female journalist

Drama as Ondo govt officials harass female journalist



Drama ensued at the public  Arakale car Park in Akure the Ondo state capital as government officials deployed to direct motorists almost beat up Bukola Bardi, a female journalist working with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN over an argument.

Our correspondent reports that the incident occurred on Saturday when one of them with a tainted hair almost beat up the female journalist with positive Fm at the Arakale motor park in Akure.

It was gathered that but for the timely intervention of passers by, the man who looked unkept would have beaten up the female journalist as his unruly behaviour even went beyond the control of the coordinator of the park.

Our correspondent reports that all efforts by the coordinator of the Arakale car park to put the boy under check were unsuccessful as he went berserk, threatening to embarrass the journalist.

Some of the passers by who intervened lamented the bad manners of the middle young boys who direct parking at the car parks calling on concerned authorities to put them to check before they turn the facilities to battle grounds.

They however urged the Ondo state government and the ministry in charge of car parks in Ondo state capital to call the young men who direct parking of cars to order from their unruly behaviour.


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