FIBAN Crisis: Popular Broadcaster steps down from Chairmanship race in Ondo

FIBAN Crisis: Popular Broadcaster steps down from Chairmanship race in Ondo


Good morning comrades,

Today is another remarkable day in the history of FIBAN in Ondo State.

First and furmost let me appreciate all state elders, leaders, stakeholders and all prosperous members for your unflinching support always.

You will recall that is only during election period people usually cause crisis and unrest in Ondo state FIBAN.

Let flash back, In 2014 between ASIWAJU BISI AJIBOYE and KING AKIN ADENUGA, also in 2017 between PRINCE ADEBAYO ADENIYI (BABA CHUKWUDI) and COMRADE IJAWOYE although 2017 crisis was caused and fueled by FIBAN president DESMOND NWACHUKU but special thanks to our state leaders and elders for maintaining their stand and stand by their words.

Comrades, now the question is, Must Ondo FIBAN election always become battle grand and DO or DIE under the leadership of Desmond.

Now Mr President have given his words and body language, his handwriting has been made known to me since when I acted as acting Chairman.

His hatred started when he saw our state level of prepareration during FIBAN NATIONAL DAY when he said he prefer coming to Ondo state and I said our state is not financially buoyant to host him because we members are the contributors to mark the maiden edition of FIBAN NATIONAL DAY despite the fact that we still paid for his accommodation when he came.

Mr President got boiling at me because I refuse to use the little amount of money (40,000) generated from FIBAN NATIONAL DAY to host him during the TIME OUT WITH BROADCASTER at BTO hall in which we all know that the programme is national programme while CHIEF ARIBO (OYATO) have already given the national #700,000 Naira. I am stand to be corrected because I have my fact.

Mr President have said it time without numbers to some leaders that he doesn’t want me as subtansive Chairman.

Mr President also repeat it in the present of some of our members at BTO hall in the morning before the programme commenced that ” IF IS ONLY OWALA THAT IS CONTESTING FOR THE POST OF STATE CHAIRMAN, I WILL NOT ALLOW FIBANEC TO CONDUCT ANY ELECTION IN ONDO STATE”

Comrades that was the reason election was postponed indefinitely. This is the bitter truth u need to know.

He himself Desmond has consulted some leaders and stakeholders in Ondo state to context against me but all those mature patriotic trustworthy leaders disagreed with him.

Mr President now directed his boys to at all cost look for alternative,but he should remember how he got to office for second time at Osogbo election with our 100 percent loyalty without taken penny from him.

He should also remember the allegations level against BABA GBOHIN his opponent that he ran away from FIBAN since the dead of late founding father PRINCE GBENGA ADEBOYE, Now himself is now parading candidate in sesame shoe.

My appreciation goes to some elders and leaders who advised me to go to him and beg him, but I believe election is not do and die, I can not and never beg any controversial leader I do not offend.

All that happened in last state meeting was a directive from president.

Comrades, Let me put the record straight to you, I ADEBAYO OWALA personally asked Mr President to remove me as Ag. Chairman of FIBAN in Ondo State in the present of state elders, leaders and some stakeholders in a crucial meeting with Mr President during his visit to Ondo state, you can confirm.

My lovely Comrades, Mr President jokers & the season films still continues and I will not and never wait for any controversial leader to tarnish my good reputation.



Thank God you all know me as someone who is not over ambitious, am a technocrat not a politician, My 2+2 equal 4 not 22 .

Am humbly informing you that I need to withdraw from the race and step aside.

I am taking this decision just because of “DESMOND NWACHUKWU” to achieve his aim as dictatorship president and to let peace rain in Ondo state FIBAN.

This is the worst administration we ever had in national and I pray that in the next dispensation, God Almighty will give us GOOD leaders like highly respected ALHAJI FATAI DAN KAZEEM and DR YEMI SOHUNDE.

I want to appeal to all my leaders, elders, stakeholders and members who will see this as a surprise to please forgive me as it is my own personal decision, many pastor have spoken and many revelation.


If any bad thing happens to me from now DESMOND NWACHUKWU must be held responsible.



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