FUTA Administration and the Intellectualization of Errors

FUTA Administration and the Intellectualization of Errors


I recently visited the Federal University of Technology Akure and was informed at the gate by the security men that the University does not allow vehicles with tinted windows into  it’s premises.

My first reaction was to ask what the rationale behind such a decision is and I couldn’t be educated beyond the “we don’t allow it sir” automated response from the men manning the gate. I simply wound down all my windows and told them to give me a reason why I couldn’t enter now, since they could see into the vehicle. The confusion they were in left them speechless.

It has become important that state institutions and government rethink the logic behind some of the decisions they take and policies they seek to implement. Authority does not confer brilliance upon they to which it had been bestowed. The decision by FUTA (and I believe others) may simply be a lazy one that is borne out of an unwillingness to be mentally tasked to find solutions to problems.

As an academic institution, a fiat ban on tinted vehicles when those vehicles are not locally produced in compliance with our own standards (if their are national standards on such matters) would be an underscoring of institutional ignorance. May I ask if the VC’s vehicles also comply with this directive or if security vehicles are also covered?

We should be thinking and not just making stupid decisions please.

Zadok Akintoye writes from Akure


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