I will not relent until Ikare–Akoko is truly urbanised – Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo

I will not relent until Ikare–Akoko is truly urbanised – Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo

The lawmaker representing Akoko North East/North West Federal Constituency in the house of Representatives, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has described his constituency as one of the most backwards in terms of infrastructures and basic amenities in Ondo state.

Tunji- Ojo however said with the impact of the current administration in the state coupled with his efforts, the narratives are now changing in the area.

Addressing newsmen in Akure, the Federal lawmaker said he would continue to work to ensure that Ikare Akoko regains its status of urbanization.

He said “Anywhere in Nigeira,our yardstick for representation should be based on performance because poverty does not know a local government or a political party. If you are a poor man as a PDP or APC member, you are a poor man and if you are rich,you are rich regardless of wherever you are.

So the basic barometer of life is about the standard of living of the people and that is what I think we should focus on and I want to believe that the leaders of Akoko Northeast and Northwest will rely on performance over sentiment when the time comes.

As I said, it is not yet time to talk about politics now because that is not my priority. My at this point in time is to spend the next couple of years to see to the development of our people.

My federal constituency is one of the most backwards infrastructurally in Ondo state but today, we are changing the narratives.

We are solving challenges facing health sector in the area with provision of ambulances, mobile clinics and other equipment for the people to have better health service delivery.We have also equipped our hospitals with needed equipment worth over a hundred million naira.

The question is ,two years ago, what was the status of the federal constituency and today,what is the status ? We have spent over 30million naira for free surgery from my own personal purse. So whenever any election comes,people should not judge me by the words of my mouth, but they should judge me by my performance.

Ikare is the most urban area in Akoko land and the people of Akoko Northeast are not naive. They have the conscience to think about themselves and to know that the urbanization of ikare is what we have started and we are not relenting until ikare becomes truly urbanised in its real sense.”



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    Yusuf Victor Ojo 4 months

    I pray that the almighty God will bless him and all his household that is the type of the politian we need in our community now thanks

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