Omolafe: PDP must be fair to all Aspirants to win Ondo By-election –FARO

Omolafe: PDP must be fair to all Aspirants to win Ondo By-election –FARO

A popular philanthropist, Mr. Babatunde Emmanuel Faro has urged the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ondo state to ensure fairness and equity in the process which will lead to the emergence of a candidate for the By-election to fill the vacant seat of the Akure North/South federal constituency at the House of Representatives.

Speaking during a media parley in Akure, Ondo state, the PDP aspirant also expressed confident that his party would win the by-election, following the performance of the party in the last governorship election.

Faro, a native of Isolo, Akure told journalists about his intention to contest for the post of MHR under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with the team name, ‘Let’s Dream Again.’

Faro said “After all good things Expensive had done, we can not afford to have another person that will go there and immerse all our resources for their people again and that’s why I am throwing myself into this race. I know it will be challenging but I pray that with God and support of everybody, it will be achieved.

We need a legislator that will go to Abuja and beg and lobby to fill in the gap left by late Adedayo in terms of constituency projects execution for emergency portfolio.”

Faro urged the party to play the game according to laid down rules for PDP to be victorious in the By-election.

He said “Consensus itself is not bad. A system whereby through engagement, people are made to see reason to probably let one out of the aspirants fly the flag of the party.

The problem is that when consensus is being seeing as imposition. When some people decided to engineer the process to suit a particular set of individual.

If the party comes up with a clear roadmap to drive this process and it is being seen to be free and fair, I can assure you that I will be the one to emerge.

Because if it is about plans and the zeal to carry out those plans ,I have them. If it is about sense of purpose and the doggedness to see it to the end,i have them. If it is about total commitment to finance this structure, i have it.

So I believe if the party wants to go for consensus, i have the brightest chance because I think I will emerge. However, I believe it must be fair. All aspirants must be listened to.

Even if they picked me and I feel that it will shortchange other aspirants, I will insist on a full blown primary election where the choices are clear to everybody. Where those who don’t win will accept because they understand that the process is clear and not manipulated.

But a consensus that is planned to arrive on an answer will not take us anywhere. Yes to fairness, Yes to Equity, Yes to proper engagement of all aspirants. No to wrongful imposition.

All inclusive arrangement will make us retain the seat for the benefits of Akure south and north Federal constituency.

If we can not achieve a peaceful consensus let us all go to the primary and let the delegates and voices of the party decide.”

He further spoke about his intention saying “My intention to contest started a long time ago. I made up my mind that I am going to use the first ten years on my work to gather the required administrative experience, contacts and resources.

I was supposed to run in 2018 and I was consulting. However when I heard that Honorable Adedayo was running and coupled with his antecedents in politics, I told my people that it was not right time for me to contest.

I have always been coming home and contributing my quotas to the development of the community. So ,I knew I will one day contest. But I didn’t know it would be this closer.”

According to him “Akure Federal Constituency is the stronghold of PDP in the state. Let us flash our mind to the two or three last elections, PDP won handsomely both at the Presidential and the governorship.

“Am very convinced that, with the support of the people for PDP as a party and the clear failure of APC leadership both at the centre and to some extent, at the State level, the people will come out in large numbers to give their support to me and my party.

“Let me tell you, once you can galvanize the full support of the people, there won’t be problem.  You can only rig when you are popular. Once we as a party have a rancor free congress and a very likeable candidate emerges and we all backup that candidate, I know clearly that we will defeat APC in that by-election.

He added that, “I have never had the opportunity to hold any elective position but I have worked in different sectors in my career both in the gas space, banking space and what am doing presently.

“What I hold dearly is my integrity. I know people say, we’ve had people said this kind of things in the past but I want to change the narrative. Am just about 36 years old. If God gives me life, I will probably be here for another 60 years, so I will not use a token of 11 – 17 months to destroy a very fruitful man that I see myself in the future.

“We will keep telling the people and we will keep reiterating it, that I Babatunde Faro will be different. I will keep the faith, I will keep the Promise, I will be honest with our people, I won’t Promise what I will not do but with the little resources available in form of salary and allowances, expenses and everything will be made public”, Babatunde noted.

Babatunde said his decision to contest was a call to Serve.

” I Will roll up my sleeve from Day 1 as the work at hand is very huge. I do not intend to take a kobo from all Salaries /Allowances as all salaries and allowance will fully-100% utilized for the people. I Will extend financial support to the widow and family of the Late Hon Adedayo Omolafe to aid them

He also Promised Completion of all pending programs and projects of Hon Adedayo Omolafe Osi civic centre, Omoniyi Hospital among others.

“I will Publish openly every month all money received and expenditure to every constituent of Akure to the last kobo. Aggressively lobby for projects, employment opportunities, empowerment training for Akure indigenes and residence will be my priority.

“I will also renovate all ward offices, LGA offices of the PDP to make them very modern and comfortable within 90 Days of swearing in and set up a fully automated functional constituency office with all necessary working tools to intervene in the welfare of constituents thus decentralization of support.”

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