Ondo govt, PDP trade words over New Governor’s Lodge

Ondo govt, PDP trade words over New Governor’s Lodge



Ondo state government on Thursday
described as ‘gross lack of knowledge’ the statement by the opposition people’s Democratic Party,PDP in the state that it should shelve the ongoing Governor’s Lodge at the government house in the state capital.

Akeredolu had inaugurated the governor’s lodge during his one hundred days activities in office.

The PDP however challenged Akeredolu, asking him to shelve his administration’s plan to build another Government House lodge with alleged two billion naira amidst irregular payment of salaries of workers.

Reacting, Donald Ojogo,
Commissioner for Information and Orientation on Thursday said “The statement supposedly made by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in respect of the proposed Governor’s Lodge did not come as a surprise to the Ondo State Government.”

The statement titled ‘New Governor’s Lodge & PDP’s Rough Path’

Ojogo said “Among others, the position of the opposition party had thrived at an inclement path of a fruitless incitement as it incredulously, suggested that Ondo State does not need a befitting Governor’s Lodge.

It is a conceded fact that an opposition party is at liberty to criticise any Government including of course, the indiscretional display of ignorance on issues of governance.

The misplaced allusion to the Governor’s Lodge as well as the weak nexus between same and the issue of salaries betrays an unpardonable amnesia on the part of a political party.

It becomes immeasurably uncanny if such party had left the stage with the most uncharitable legacy of ‘unpaid seven months salaries ‘.

Perhaps, PDP deserves to know that the envisioned Governor’s Lodge is among the plethora of iconic projects targeted with the yet-to-be-fully accessed BOND.

Suggesting therefore, that Government should ‘shelve’ the project for salaries clearly shows a gross lack of knowledge of how Bonds work.

They are, as Special Purpose means of funding developmental initiatives, inconvertible to cash, hence undrawable by anyone.

Rather than abandon the welfare of workers for months without remorse under any guise, the Ondo State Government led by Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN shall, at all times, evolve ingenious means to address the issue of salaries in the face of excruciating global economic challenges.”


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