Ondo Monarch blasts former Gov Mimiko for killing Owena Motels

Ondo Monarch blasts former Gov Mimiko for killing Owena Motels


A traditional ruler, Olujigba of Ijigba ,Ambassador Luyi Rotimi has blamed the former Ondo state governor ,Dr Olusegun Mimiko for demolishing the state owned Owena Motels to give way to a shopping mall.

Ambassador Rotimi who stated this at a forum in Akure, the Ondo state capital said Mimiko’s action on Owena Motels was against the development of tourist attraction.

Mimiko had in 2014 closed the Owena Motel and demolished it for the construction of a Shopping Mall, leading to the disengagement of no fewer than 187 employees of the Motel.

Speaking on the need for government and stakeholders to show more commitment to developing Tourism for economy growth, Olujigba said “It is unfortunate that the Owena Motels was replaced with a Shoprite.

The Owena motels was an institution that came with the establishment of the state. It was a pity that one government thought perhaps it didn’t work as well as we all think it should work.Owena Motels remained a center of attraction before it was demolished.

Now as somebody who worked for UAC for many years as a senior auditor and I looked at all that happened to King’s way, PAN Nigeria, in the end, I find it not quite acceptable that Owena Motels, with all the people that were working there could now give way to another shopping.

When I was going to England in 1962, I went to King’s way and bought a passport folder, but now all that had collapsed. UTC collapsed, Leventis, collapsed.To now find out that the salvation we are looking for is now in the Shoprite.

I have nothing against the Shoprite, I am just speaking on the background of Retailed Shopping that I have witnessed. Retailed shopping is perhaps not one of the best investments.

Not only that , a lot of families also lost to the demolition of the Motel. Some of them, men and women that were working in that Motels lost their jobs. ”


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