Ondo PDP on verge of collapse under State Chairman, Fatai Adams – Chieftain

Ondo PDP on verge of collapse under State Chairman, Fatai Adams – Chieftain

Ondo PDP on verge of collapse under State Chairman, Fatai Adams – Chieftain

A PDP candidate from Ondo north senatorial districts in the 2019 general election, Dr. Segun Alonge has alleged the Fatai Adam’s led state excos  of dividing the party by allegedly forcing him and other members out of PDP.

Alonge stated this while addressing journalists at Ugbe Akoko in Akoko Northeast local government area of the state.

He also alleged the PDP chairman in Ondo state of singlehandedly stopping members from joining the party based on personal reasons.

He said “First, to dispel and debunk the vicious rumors, I mean, lies from the pit of hell perpetrated by some
misguided and disgruntled elements that I, Dr. Olusegun Phillips-Alonge, OPA Isegun is no longer a member of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Nothing can be further from the truth. I remain as loyal and
as committed to the PDP and its ideal as ever before.

I never at any point thought of decamping or departing the PDP. Neither did I decamped to the APC. Now, we must lay this vicious lie where it belongs, the pit of hell.

Secondly, we are here to let our followers in Ondo North and nationwide know the issues we face in Ondo PDP and the steps we have taken to right the injustice meted out to my person by the Ondo State

Even though the PDP is a major democratic party founded on the core tenets of democracy, most
notably the protection of the civil liberties of its members and the public, the Ondo State PDP is saddled with a divisive, destructive, retrogressive, undemocratic, dysfunctional, and tyrannical management and leadership that has time and again sabotaged the Party’s ability to win elections.

The Fatai Admas-led state working committee has ditched the party constitution, shredded the
instituted civil rights, most importantly, freedom of speech, freedom of association, the right to exist freely without coercion and without being bullied, and access to due process.

At no time in modern human history has a major political organization been run on shenanigans, finding
members guilty of trumped-up charges without due process, and at no time in the history of Nigeria has
people been bullied, and denied their rights, and summarily dismissed from the Party like what has happened in Ondo PDP in the past 15 months.


Not even in the heydays of the dreaded General Sanni Abacha military Junta has a Nigerian be found guilty without trial and without being afforded a chance to defend themselves of any charges or accusations leveled against them.

Since the emergence of Fatai Adams as the State Party Chairman, the Ondo State PDP has operated a guilty as charged approach to issues and acted with wanton disregard for the civil rights afforded the party members by the
constitution of the Party and that of Nigeria.

The state party chairman, Alhaji Fatai Adams, and his cronies have turned themselves into the accuser,
the prosecutor, the jury, and the judge.

The worst and the scariest part of it is that they have also assumed the right to speak for the accused. This is tyranny in its most unrivaled form in the history of humanity.

The core of my lawsuit against the Party is based on improper expulsion from the Party by the illegal,callous, and unconstitutional actions of the State Party Chairman, Fatai Adams.

Sometime in October 2021, The State Party Chairman, Fatai Adams, summarily declared that I have decamped from the PDP and communicated the same to the Party Secretariat at Wadata House, Abuja,
in a masked and shoddily orchestrated effort to clear the road for his preferred senatorial candidate whom I defeated in the 2018 party primaries.

Despite providing credible information to the contrary, Fatai Adams refused to reconsider his decision to banish me from the Party without due process based on unverified rumors and lies that he and his cronies fabricated to feed their egos, satisfy their fantasies, and accomplish their political expediency.

I am not oblivious of the fact that Fatai Adams has an ax to grind with me. Fatai Adams has a penchant for abusing his office, bullying party members, and preventing people from joining the Party.

For instance, in January of the year 2021, Fatai suspended five members of the Party for visiting with the former governor of Ekiti State, a PDP Chieftain, his excellency, Governor Ayodele Fayose. Six members visited the former governor to plan how to actualize their interests in the 2021 SW zonal congress.

Unfortunately, Fatai took issue with the members for looking out for their interests. The sad part was that Fatai suspended them from the Ondo PDP because he saw pictures of these members with Governor Fayose on WhatsApp.

Senator Nicholas Tofowomo attended the same meeting, but Fatai did not suspend Senator Tofowomo. Fatai bullied and suspended those he considered vulnerable including, Hon. Rasheed Elegbeleye, Hon. Ebenezer Alabi, Mr. Ibine, Hon Lad Ojomo, and Ayo Fadaka from the Party without due process and violated the party constitution.

I took him up on this matter, chastised him for his jaundiced minimalist and isolationist approach to party leadership.

Also, I petitioned the PDP national Secretariat to caution or discipline him for violating our members’ civil rights and trampling on the freedom of association of these humble and law-abiding Nigerians.

Again, Fatai blocked several returnees who had previously decamped from the Party from rejoining the PDP after the 2020 gubernatorial elections in violation of the freedom of association provisions of the Nigerian and PDP constitution.

Hon. Adeyinka Banso from Ajowa, a former state house of assembly member from Akoko Northwest Ward 5, is a good example. Many people in this category abound statewide.

Ever since I appeared on the Ondo Political scene, Fatai Adams ox has been gored because I refused to yield to his extreme control tactics and methods.

He has sought a way to diminish my influence or erase me from the People Democratic Party at every turn. Unfortunately for Fatai Adams, I am too big, bold, popular, and well-established in the Party for him to flush down his ignoble drain.

Today, I have approached the judiciary because the Party’s internal issues resolution mechanism failed woefully.

The Southwest and National bodies did not deem it fit to reply to my humble and well-meaning request for resolution. At this point, I am committed to allowing the court to do justice to this matter.

The court now, meaning the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Thank you once again for your support, understanding, and commitment to the course of justice and a better and viable Ondo North, Ondo State, and Nigeria as a whole.”

All efforts to get the reaction of Adams however were unsuccessful as he was said to be busy when our correspondent visited his office at the PDP state secretariat in Akure while his phone was not picked when calls were put through to him.

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