PDP Guber Aspirant, member trade words over Mimiko’s planned defection

PDP Guber Aspirant, member trade words over Mimiko’s planned defection

By Our Reporter

A former governorship aspirant from the People’s Democratic Party, in the 2020 governorship election of Ondo state, Mr Banji Okunomo has reacted to the threat of a legal action by Mr Bode Obanla, a member of the PDP against the former governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko over his reported plans to come back to the PDP.

Okunomo said “While I will not like to go into the personality of anyone, I want to say that if anyone is talking at all, it shouldn’t be Bode Obanla, because report has it that he has vowed to support the APC candidate in his area because of the pot of porridge been made available to him.”



“So, such person cannot be more PDP than anybody. Someone who is selling his party to the opposition. What is his status in the party to think of taking a legal action against another person?”

“He has no moral credibility to raise such issue against a leader of that magnitude.”

“He has never voted for his party in his area. He always sells his party to any other party that offers him money.”

Okunomo however described Mimiko as a Potent Political force, who would be an asset to any Party he decided to join.

He said “Up to this moment, I can not understand or comprehend the reason for the tantrum from though, tiny number of people in the PDP on the speculation of defection by the former two term Governor of Ondo state, our leader.

“I just want to put the record straight. Anytime, Mimiko is a functional, effective and potent political force. He is an asset who can add tremendous value to any political party.

Ordinarily in the sink line, we expect jubilations in the camp of any political party in which such personality with his array of supporters will be joining.”

Reacting to Okunomo’s comments, Obanla said “Do you think i have time for a criminal like Banji  Okunomo?

He often overestimates himself. Iwa ibaje. As a leading aspirant (According to him) he got 90votes out of 2,515.

It is on record that i saved the party by meeting Our then chairman Engr. Clement Faboyede in my capacity as state coordinator of PDP Support Group PSG to facilitate his replacement with the vibrant , prolific writer and erudite young man, Zadok Akintoye, when he abandoned the party too early for his balloon ambition.



PDP’s image nearly collapsed under him as Publicity Secretary. At that time, Egbon Ayo Fadaka was the Southwest PS.

Honestly, if i roll out what i know about the criminal, he will regret mentioning my name.

His people should warn him to stay off this matter. Igbe maa kun un ni o!

I am proud of my role in joining people to build our great party with all i have. The rogues later  destroyed everything.

The case i am taking to court is even beyond Mimiko as it will strengthen democracy. Let’s wait and see. I don’t and i have never made any empty threat.”

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