Some People don’t want to see my face again – Aregbesola

Some People don’t want to see my face again – Aregbesola

By Our Reporter

The minister of Interior, Mr Rauf Aregbesola on Monday commended governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state for believing and acting towards the development of the Southwest region of the country.

Aregbesola who stated this at a forum in Akure,the state capital said Akeredolu has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he was a good leader with the way he promoted the Yoruba race.

He was reacting to the recitation of Ondo state anthem at the occasion organized for the development of Yoruba culture.

The former Osun state governor described Akeredolu as a focused, determined and selfless man worthy of emulation.

Aregbesola who went memory lane on the composition of Yoruba anthem being adopted in Ondo state at public events said the Yoruba anthem was filled with lyrics meant to move the Yoruba race forward.

He said : I was not the real composer of the Yoruba anthem. It was Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo who sat down and wrote the song in 1978 when he created UPN.

He then called on Late Hubert Ogunde to help add melody and tunes to the song.

For those that have been following us, they would know that before it was launched for public events, it was the song that was used before I was sworn in as a governor of osun state.

My kind of swearing in ceremony was done in a haste. The court ordered my victory on Friday, and the court ordered that I must be sworn in before noon the following day, Saturday November 27th.

So my own kind of swearing in ceremony was not with leisure but a hasty one and I still insisted that the Yoruba anthem must be recited before I was sworn in.

It means we know the importance and the essence of the anthem. For those who have intelligence, they would understand that the anthem was a pointer to our direction as a Yoruba race.

I thank God that we followed the right way when I was a governor.

All I am saying is that it takes a focused leader with deep understanding of his race to accept and adopt such anthem at a time like this.

So I commend governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for doing that.

Secondly, when I was invited for this event in Akure, if it were to be some governor, he will say why are you calling him ?

Such governor will even threaten that he would not support any programme if Aregbesola would be invited. But for governor Akeredolu, he did not do such thing.

There are people who don’t want to see my face again. But Akeredolu is not like that. He called me yesterday and told me why he would not be attending this programme.

Despite his absence, he asked his chief of staff to represent him at this occasion. It means a lot to me and it means governor Akeredolu honours us by sending his chief of staff to represent him.”


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