Who Is Governor Akeredolu Working For?

Who Is Governor Akeredolu Working For?


It is the wish of everyone to have the support of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. The women group, youth, market women and politicians nationally and statewide, want Akeredolu’s support. Yes! They want him to work for them. Having  gotten the popular votes of the people to win a second term in office,do people expect him to work for them?

The popular question is, who is Aketi working for?

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN won a deserving second term in office. Close to the electioneering period, various employment forms were rolled out. The State Universal Basic Education Board ( SUBEB) and the Primary Health Care Development Board ( PHCDB) also announced their intentions to employ young people into various positions.

Some people especially the incredulous alleged that this might be an ‘audio recruitment’ with the intention to influence the votes and deceive the people.

The people of the state have no reason to doubt the integrity of the tested and trusted Akeredolu. However, the negative economic situation of various states in Nigeria makes the people to be skeptical about this decision.

Besides, the recent experience and confidence in Akeredolu’s administration in his first term in office also demonstrated the genuine love for the unemployed youth, by massively recruiting them into various sectors.

It is difficult to pinpoint which sector comes first. Likewise it will be a tall order to remember all the sectors in an article. Most prominent recruitment occurs in OSOPADEC, also substantial recruitment occurs in Ondo State Media Group. Many young people were employed into the state media group, comprises  of OSRC, Orange FM, Alalaye radio.

Also, Administrative Officers were also employed into the mainstream civil service. The massive recruitment in University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital, Ondo and Akure, (UNIMEDTHC) many of my friends whom had been jobless for years were given hope by one of the foremost Progressive Governor in Nigeria. Doctors, Nurses, other health workers were employed in their thousands into the teaching hospital complex.

Also Administrative staffs were recruited. During Akeredolu’s first term, legal officers were recruited into the state ministry of Justice to ensure speedy dispensation of Justice. The ministry of Finance was restructured and more young people about 400 of them, were brought into the Board of Internal Revenue Service. Also, in his bid to secure lives and properties, young people were employed into Amotekun Corps, to boast the internal Security of the state.

Leaving the past to present, Governor Akeredolu was sworn-in for a second term in office, on the 23rd February, 2021 for another four years in office. Though the cabinet were yet to be fully constituted, Akeredolu decided to give express approval to the recruitment of young people into Teaching Service ( SUBEB) , Health ( PHCDB) and Amotekun ( State Security Network). The significance of these recruitments should not be lost:
The need to revive Education and inject new blood into the system. All these sectors witnessed a dramatic turn around in terms of Infrastructure in the glorious first term in office. So there is need to  complement the Infrastructure with human resources to make learning wholistic.

The importance of securing lives and properties

The need for good health care delivery,

Above all making youth to be more productive.

Other positive cascade effects on other sectors cannot be overemphasized.

Governor Akeredolu was just a month in his second term, when he gave out appointment letters like torrential rainfall to more than a thousand of teachers ( young people)in primary school. This is Nobel! I cannot remember when this happen last in Ondo state.

So, 1,000 youth smiling with pensionable jobs, within a flash of light.  Youth trouping into SUBEB office daily collecting their letter of joy (Ayo)’. Many youth are smiling.

Akeredolu is less than 60 days in his second term. He is making youth smiling. The youth across the state are wishing Governor Akeredolu continue to make them smile, directly or indirectly. They continue to pray for the success of the administration and also wish others will continue to benefit from good governance as exemplified by Akeredolu. Even in the constitution of cabinet, the youth are optimistic that young people will be carried along to undergo the tutelage of politics with integrity of Arakurin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu is noted for. So far young people constituted 70% of the people appointed.

A visit to Churches and Mosques around, youth are giving testimonies, Thanksgiving services are now held to rejoice with quantum of young people, for getting job in this harsh economic situation.

Another significant factor recently noticed from Akeredolu’s action giving hope to the youth, is the recent surge in primary school enrolment. Data shows that the populace are now having confidence in public schools; thereby taking their children to public schools, where you pay zero fees with beautiful environment and 21st century newly recruited teachers.

As the people smile, we want to continue smiling.  No doubt, majority will smile without hindering the few incredulous fellow that will not be impressed by Akeredolu’s transforming the land of Ondo to a greater height. AKETI kudos but more job for you!


Larry Tugbiyele is a Public Affairs Analyst and writes from Akure.


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